Namaste again!

First of all, let me tell you a story: When I was younger around seventh grade I did not like what I saw in the mirror. I had pimples, I was not fit neither did I have any kind of talent whereas people around me could dance, sing or were good at some subject. I had the feeling there is something missing in my life. I'm telling you it was not a boyfriend's love I needed. That wouldn't have helped one bit. I needed to fall in love with myself. The moment I realized this simple fact it started happening.
I needed some more steps to reach a level of self-love I am at now where I don't even need a mirror to tell myself I'm gorgeous. And guess what? I still have pimples and I'm not the most talented girl in town and my life is not perfect at all times. But I know there's always one person who loves me: ME.

Here are my steps to loving myself:

1. Choice

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I mentioned it above and I'm mentioning it again: choose to love yourself. I mean, no matter how often I tell you that you should love yourself it's your own choice in the end. Stop telling yourself that someone else's love will complete you. It won't until you have no love for yourself. Making the right choice is the initial and crucial step to truly love yourself.

2. Stop judging and comparing

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I always say this to everyone. What good is there to compare yourself with others? What good is there in judging yourself and others? If someone looks different than you and you think they look great does that mean that you don't look great, too? No! Stop thinking that someone else's success or looks or talent makes your achievements or beauty less. Don't rank yourself constantly. Living beings should not be described with numbers. And never judge anyone else. What if they are having similiar problems with not liking themselves and now you're putting additional pressure on them to do things differently?

3. Find a passion

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This is so important. Start this search and you'll get to know yourself so much better. I'm still kind of searching to be honest. I think it's singing. Don't let others stop you from doing what you love. Everyone tells me I'm a horrible singer but I'm just not able to stop. I feel so happy and content when I sing that I won't deny myself this pleasure. It's my passion and it makes me feel better in my own skin. That is all I want. Just find something you really love to do and don't care about being good in it or not. I mean, you're doing it for yourself and not for the others, right?

4. Practical tip: Dance in front of the mirror naked

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I know she's clothed in the gif but I think you all get what I mean (anyway, I'm a Bollywood fan so I had to put it). On the very first days, you'll feel kind of weird and bad looking at your body. But do this everyday for a month. Put on some of your fav music whatever it is from heavy metal to Shawn Mendes (or Bollywood hihi) and just dance to it. Is someone watching you? NO! Is this a competition? NO! So, just dance. Really let go and dance. Do this for as long as you like but at least 5min per day. After that you can write down what you felt while doing this and after doing this for a month you'll see how day by day your notes about this weird trick will get more positive. Trust me, this is so much fun!

I wish you all the best for the wonderful journey to self-love.
I hope, I was a help in it.
Thanks for reading♡