Hello, Hearters! This article was written just for fun. I honestly love We Heart It the way it is now, but these are ideas I’ve thought about for the past few years. And who knows, maybe these ideas are already in the works. Overall, I love this website/app more than my own dog so . . . jk, jk. 😅

1. Comment Section
I think it would be cool if we could comment on the images or articles of others. I don’t want this to turn into another Instagram or anything, but if we could share our comments with Hearters—ESPECIALLY the talented writers on here—then I think it would make people happy. In order to prevent bullying or spam, there should be certain restrictions implemented in the comment section. Maybe give Hearters the ability to filter the type of comments OR We Heart It can filter the content for us like it does with certain inappropriate or sensitive images/content.

I wouldn’t mind being able to comment on my favorite We Heart It profiles either. Although, there would have to be a way for We Heart It to keep the comments and the overall comment section organized so that it doesn’t look messy. There could also be an option to prevent people from commenting on your images and/or profile. I like reacting to articles and images already though, but being able to comment would be the icing on the cake.

2. Themes
I know on the website you can change a few widgets on your profile by using codes . . . but like, I don’t know how to code! 😂 Maybe I’m making it more difficult than it actually is, but I think that giving Hearters the option to have a specific theme for their profile would be epic. By themes, I mean like color schemes, or whether or not you want the shape of your icon to be a circle or square or even a heart itself! You know, stuff like that.

3. Filters
I like the idea of being able to edit the filters of photos I post so this is another good one. Obviously you can just download a filter app on your phone and edit the photo you’ll be posting that way, but how cool would it be if filters were already installed in the app?? This would also make having a specific theme for your profile much easier for those of you who are obsessed with the neatness and organization of your account.

4. Delete Old Postcards
A little self-explanatory, but I have old messages that I would like to delete on here lol. There’s no option to do so which sucks because my messages look all clustered. It’s not a big deal but this idea isn’t a bad one either.

5. Unfollow People at Once
To me, We Heart It isn’t about the amount of followers I have, however I am following a bunch of people who are either inactive, post content I’m not interested in, or who aren’t following me back. There’s an option to follow everyone in your followers list all at once so it would be nice if you could unfollow people all at once too. Or make it easier for hearters to see who isn't following them back. I’m the type of person who follows almost everyone back because I’m open to the different things people post or like, but sometimes my dashboard can get overwhelming with content. I mean, I guess that’s my own fault but still lol.

Well that concludes this article. Once again, I love We heart It for what it is and what it will be as the time goes on. I don’t know if anyone’s shared these ideas already, but I thought that by posting this article it would be a little different from the ones I normally post. Love you all, and feel free to message me. 😊💖