I've always wanted to try colored hair. I think it so cool and unique.

hair, blue, and beauty image
I love this blue color! So pretty
hair, red, and red hair image
I love red hair in general and this one really pops!
hair, red, and long hair image
Another beautiful red...
hair and purple image
I especially like how different this one is! It's dark brown and fades to purple
cool, color, and Hot image
Looove this purple hair so much
hair, purple, and hairstyle image
This one also!
hair, blue, and pink image
This one is so cute to me! It reminds me of cotton candy. Yum haha

That's all loves! There are probably many more that I would love, but these are many. I hope you guys enjoyed and inspired you. Would you ever dye your hair colored? This article was inspired by one of my favorite youtubers Safiya Nygaard.