Hello, all of the beautiful and loving people out there! Today's challenge is to write about something that I miss. I decided to write about childhood.

Even though I'm still very young, I miss those times where I would run around in my own fantasy world. I would run around with my brother in our big garden that we had at a house we lived in before we moved, while we created stories and fairytales. I just really miss those times. Mom and dad would sit on the terrace and watch my brother and I disappear into our own world as we fooled around.

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I miss not having a care in the world, everything was just a game to me. I didn't have to worry about anything. The responsibilities suddenly just came rushing over me, without having any power to stop it. Now, there's so much more to think about, and only more to come in the future. School was easy when I was younger. All we did was to draw and learn the alphabet.

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When I was younger, I barely knew anything about wars, discussions or what would come to me in the future. And I want it to be like that again. Not having to think about problems, responsibilities or have any worries.

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That was it guys, I'll post again soon! Hope you liked it<33