about my phone:

♡ iPhone 8+
♡ gold
♡ 64 gb
what's on it:

♡social media:
-instagram (hiplikelayla)
-snapchat (hacknerlayly)
-netflix (don't know why it's in the social media folder xD)
-musical.ly (js.layla)
-tumblr (hiplikelayla)
-we heart it

-piano tiles
-just dance controller for xbox
-dumb ways to die
-fortnite (doesn't work tho)

♡pic/vid edits
-adobe draw
-cute cut pro
-superimpose x

♡my "i dunno" folder:
-card control
-george go
-my t-mobile
-öbb scotty (for trains)

there are like a lot of photos on my phone.. xD
a ton of music and yeah that's pretty much it (: