There are some animated Disney movies that almost everyone has seen. Cinderella, The Lion King, Frozen need I say more? However, not all Disney movies are as well known as the examples above. Here are five amazing Disney movies that are true hidden gems.


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The son of Zeus, the king of the Gods, Hercules is kidnapped when just a baby by his uncle, Hades. Because they couldn't completely finish turning Hercules into a mortal to kill him, Hercules became a demigod. Growing up as a demigod, Hercules was laughed at by other "normal" children his age for being clumsy and having abnormally powerful strength.
Once Hercules discovers that he is the son of a God, he goes on a quest to become a hero so that he too can become a fully fledged God again.

It's got a great villain, great sidekicks, some of the best songs Disney has ever come up with, a wonderful love story, and it teaches a great moral lesson as well. What more could you want?


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Disney's Mulan is the story of a young Chinese woman in a land where women are treated as inferior to men. Wanting to prove her worth to her family, her country, and herself, she masquerades as a male soldier in the Chinese army sent to defeat the invading Huns. Along with Mushu, her guardian dragon, and Crikee, her good-luck cricket, Mulan joins the army and proves that indeed females are just as strong as males.

Mulan is one of the strongest female leads in Disney movies and teaches many life lessons. Fun is brought to the story by the dragon Mushu, who is my absolute favourite sidekick. This results in a beautiful movie that balances serious themes and funny moments brilliantly!

Lilo and Stitch

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The film's story is about two extraordinary individuals: a Hawaiian human girl named Lilo Pelekai who lost her and her older sister's parents in a car accident, and an creature originally named Experiment 626 who gets adopted by Lilo as her "dog" called "Stitch". Stitch is genetically engineered by his creator to cause chaos and destruction. He initially uses her to avoid being captured by an intergalactic federation, but the two individuals develop a close bond. This causes him to reconsider and later defy his intended destructive purpose in order to keep his newfound family together.

This movie does not get the credit it deserves, and the characters do not get the praise they should for teaching the lessons they do and showing that family can come in so many different shapes and sizes.

The Hunchback of the Notre Dam

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The animated movie is set in 1502 and centers around a disfigured man named Quasimodo. Ensnared by the evil Judge, Claude Frollo, Quasimodo is forced to live in a bell tower isolated from anyone and anything except his friends the gargoyles.

The songs in this movie are true masterpieces (Hellfire, Out there and God help the outcasts are my favourites), the villian is terrifing, the animation is stunning and the story is incredibally memorable.

Brother Bear

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The movie Brother Bear tells the story of three Inuit brothers who return to their tribe so that one of the brothers, Kenai, can receive his sacred totem. Kenai's totem is the bear of love, much to his disappointment because, "bears are thieves." When Kenai's oldest brother gets killed by a bear, Kenai goes after the bear and kills it. Once he kills the bear, its spirit punishes Kenai by turning him into a bear. We follow Kenai as he searches for a way to turn back into a human, only to meet an orphoned bear cub named Koda.

This story is really touching yet there is humour and it is impossible to not fall in love with little Koda. Such a shame that this movie does not get the credit it deserves.

Do you agree with this list? Did I miss any beautiful, underrated movies?

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