This challenge was created by me (please tag me if you share my challenge :) thank u)


Day 1: Your first kiss.
Day 2: The most romantic thing you did for someone.
Day 3: The most romantic thing that someone has done for you.
Day 4: The painful break up.
Day 5: A tender memory.
Day 6: Some gift that remained in your heart.
Day 7: "I love/loved him so much because...".
Day 8: Your latest words for him (for ex boyfriend).
Day 9: His most romantic words for you.
Day 10: Your true story about love.
Day 11: "I believe in love because...".
Day 12: "I don't believe enymore in love because...".
Day 13: Something that inspired your love.
Day 14: Some real, and famous, couple who inspires you.
Day 15: Someone you still love.
Day 16: An ex who could never love now.
Day 17: The best kiss ever.
Day 18: The best sex ever.
Day 19: The most romantic place in the world for you.
Day 20: One word for describe him.
Day 21: One word for describe your love.
Day 22: A story about your first date.
Day 23: A very bad kiss.
Day 24: A very bad date.
Day 25: Some his mad act for love.
Day 26: Some your mad act for love.
Day 27: Promise him something.
Day 28: Promise your heart something.
Day 29: What does LOVE mean?
Day 30: Some words from you to us.