Dear you,
March is ended some days ago so I'm sharing this recap, like every month since January 2018 ;)

Let's go!

Song of the month

Nessuno vuole essere Robin - Cesare Cremonini

batman, kiss, and gay image batman, initial, and letters image

Book of the month

Teorema del primo bacio - Marco Braito

love, couple, and aesthetic image art, kiss, and statue image

Film of the month

The last song

the last song, miley cyrus, and liam hemsworth image miley cyrus, liam hemsworth, and the last song image

Color of the month


aesthetic, boys, and kpop image Image by MCLAREN

Word of the month


aesthetic, beautiful, and colourful image easter, eggs, and pink image

That's all, I hope you liked this short recap, see you soon♥


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