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Day 1; A movie which you loved in your childhood.
Day 2; A horror movie.
Day 3; A movie you hate
Day 4; A movie about problems/motivational movie (depression,anxiety,anorexia,assault,rape, etc.)
Day 5; Thriller
Day 6; A very sad movie
Day 7; A movie that was inspired from a book
Day 8; A comedy
Day 9; Drama
Day 10; Historical movie
Day 11; Documentary
Day 12; Science-Fiction/Fantasy movie (my favs♥)
Day 13; Action
Day 14; A movie by real situations
Day 15; A romantic comedy
Day 16; Mystery
Day 17; A movie that makes you happy
Day 18; A movie you adore
Day 19; A movie you would recommend
Day 20; A movie in which your favorite actor/actress is
Day 21; A movie with famous singers
Day 22; A movie in which there is a lot of tension
Day 23; An overrated movie
Day 24; Documentary about your hometown
Day 25; Movie with bad characters
Day 26; Life-inspiring movies
Day 27; Movie about sports (volleyball,soccer,hockey,football,dancing,ballet,basketball,tennis,swimming,baseball, etc.)
Day 28; Movie longer than two hours
Day 29; Movie about racism
Day 30; Movie you choose