Internet friend, two words, infinite feelings: love,sadness, happiness... Most of the people can´t understand how much this two words can mean for someone.

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you're on the other side as the skyline splits in two, miles away from seeing you.

This is the story about a girl, who one day decided to send a message by instagram to another girl, knowing anything of her. The first girl could never have imagined what was going to happen and ho much her life was going to change. The second girl answered, she didn´t know that with that message she was starting a conversation which will never end.

Thank you, thank you for appear ans answer. Thank you for always beeing there when I needed you, thank your for proving me you will always be there, no matter how much space is between us, we will always know how to make the other smile, no matter how broke we are.

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And I promise you, even though you know I don´t promise anything, that i won´t let anything or anyone let you down or make you feel bad.

And not everyone knows how I feel everytime my phone rings because you has sent a snapchat or a dm. Not everyone knows that feeling of f don´t know what has happened and ear to one day not receive a message and never receive one again, because you don´t know what has happened to the other person, how would you know if you live miles again, with a ocean between you, you can´t go to hers and bell and ask her mother how is she or why she is not answering you,
because you never know, and that´s the worst part of all of this, not only you can´t hug them or see their eyes and how they react to anything nice you say to them.

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Cause when you see the sun, I see the moon.

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