indoor air pollution is one of the top 5 health risks according to EPA.
here are some tips on how to avoid them and boost your physical and mental health :)

1. air your room every morning after waking up:

stand at your window (maybe you can even watch the sunrise), breath deeply and just be in the moment and set a relaxed & postive mindset for the day.

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2. go outside as often as possible

not just for the extra oxygen, the sun also helps to produce more vitamin D (and since vitamin D deficiency is the number one reason for winter depression, spending more time outside is good for your mental health as well :).

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3. whenever you get stressed or trapped in negative thoughts, b r e a t h e.

change your point of view, put things into perspective and allow yourself to let go of toxic thoughts.
maybe even close your eyes for a minute and "reset" your mind.
some deep breaths here and there will also improve your ability to focus.

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3. fresh air everywhere

  • if the climate and enviroment where you live allow it, have the window open as often as possible.
  • and: be aware of harmful particulates around you. i hope you don't smoke, but you should also not linger in rooms where people smoke.
  • also very "innocent" things like scented candles and room scents in general can have toxic ingredients that can harm your lungs and cause allergies.
  • another problem are the chemicals used around you, in the carpet, detergents, varnish, glue, ... - but how do you get rid of these toxics? check the next tip ;)
  • there are certain plants that filter the air:
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4. the right humidity

this one really depends on your country and the season.
all i can tell you is in germany during winter the air is so dry i always get dry cough.
unless i put a bowl with water on the radiator.
more moisture in the air isn't only more comfortable for your throat, it's also really good for your face :)
it prevents wrinkles and your skin has more of a glow.
so if your air is too dry, think about purchasing a humidifier.

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i hope you enjoyed this article and will use these tips,
have a nice day and stay motivated :*
xx, a girl from the internet