a few months ago i posted an article about my favorite female youtubers, and it got pretty popular, so here i am, writing another one.

1) cody ko

i found cody's channel a few months ago and i am absolutely in love with his channel. i have watched all his videos atleast once, if not twice and his podcasts are great too. i also love the tiny meat gang podcasts ( they are on youtube), you could check that out.

he's a comedian + makes comedic videos, some of it can get dark sometimes, but we all love dark humor right?

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2) mikey murphy

he's actually like a sunshine and can light up anyone, he has really good content ( specially his people tell their crush they like them videos, ugh so cute).

he also makes short films that are so interesting, you must watch those too.

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3) shane

now do i even need to explain why i love him? he's the actual king of youtube.

and if you have watched his content earlier and you didn't enjoy it, don't worry. his content has changed drastically over the last year. he puts so much work in his videos and he deserves to be recognized, not only as a comedy channel but also as one of the greatest youtubers of all time.

also check out his boyfriend ryland's channel (the cutest sunshine, i've loved him since he worked at clevver) + his best friend garrett watts.

they form a squad i'd like to be a part of. and even if you don't like shane's content check out his friends.

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4) philip defranco // the philip defranco show

another youtube og, ugh i love him so much. if you do not really consuming news the conventional way, check out his channel. he basically posts videos about recent events that happen all around the world. the best part is, he isn't biased at all. and he only talks about real news that is relevant.

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this is super old sorry, this all i found here

5) david dobrik

okay so if you haven't watched david's videos you may think david is a basic vlogger who doesn't care about his content but you're wrong. his vlogs aren't really like boring videos of daily vloggers but they're more like skits and comedy sketches.

just watch one of his videos, you'll fall in love with all of the 'characters' and you'd want to keep watching.

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( check out the videos of all the other members of the vlog squad, i would've put all of them in this list but then the list would be just full of the members of the vlog squad.)

6) rudy mancuso

an actual creative genius, i can't even tell you why i like his videos so much. all of his stuff, the sketches, the music stuff, all of it is so well thought out (not talking about the instagram comedy).

go watch him :)

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7) james charles

the amount of hate james gets is honestly so sad, he is a beautiful person. i get that people get annoyed by him but once you get to know him you'll actually start liking him. he doesn't only have a good and lively personality but he also is so talented.

there aren't a lot of beauty gurus that are very artistic that are on youtube and that's a shame but it's great to see a person like james on youtube because he truly is artistic and so skilled.

even if you don't like makeup, james and his brother have started a talk show, make sure to check that out!

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that's all i have, i'll keep updating this list.

thank you.

all of these pictures are from weheartit.