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if i could i would feel nothing - blackbear

it's all good, i wanted that,
no feelings, no strings attached

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Rush - Adriana Proenza

little boy, I don't wanna be afraid
this could turn into a nightmare

sky, clouds, and sunset image

Lose It- Oh Wonder

sunset high and our bodies low

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See You Sometime- haroinfather

i'll find you again

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summer depression- girl in red

pretty face with pretty bad dreams

sky, palm trees, and summer image

Between the Lines- Jase Harley

i'm just so into you,
we're stuck between the lines

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Falling for U- Peachy!

and i can't quit it,
cause i adore you

beach, blue, and ocean image

Rest Easy, I'll See You Again - Cuco

did you see what you wanted to see?

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Flaming Hot Cheetos- Clairo

i'll buy you anything and everything I can afford

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