i am sad.
i am broke.
i don’t know what to do with myself.
i keep trying, but its like life keeps holding me back.
i just wanna get lost.
get away from this fcking place.
it harms me.
i am hurting, because of your words.
the words there had no meaning to you.
but had a lot of meaning to me.
oh dear, please take me away from here.
angel come with your glowing wings, and fly me lost.
they say you have to get lost to find yourself.
so let me get lost, and find myself in this madness of noises.
in this madness of sadness.
full of noises no one want to hear.
but we all hear it.
we hear it all.
even the smallest things, makes the biggest things in our ears.
let me use my eyes and feet to find a way out.
let me walk through the doors to happiness.
over and over again, until i am happy.
let me feel the wind in my hair, messing it up.
making me look lost, and so i am.