Hey you, yes you. The person behind the screen that is reading this. YOU ARE PERFECT! Yes, you read it well, you are. And if someone says that you aren't they're wrong.

Be yourself no matter what. Don't try to be anyone else because society says so. You know, I'm not skinny and I don't have a perfect body or a perfect face but I learned to love myself first. If you don't love yourself you're gonna be depressed. Love your curves, your stretch marks, your smile, your scars, your freckles, love whatever makes you happy about yourself.

Try to encourage other people to love themselves the way you love yourself.

Avoid the negativity, be happy. You're strong and I'm sure about that. Don't let anyone let you down, you're worth it.

You're perfect, don't forget that never

I hope it motivated you guys
Luv u :)