To be honest I don't really remember the day we first met.
I only remember my green pen and colourful notebook covered by tiny umbrellas.
And to be honest I kind of regret that I was so stressed out about my first English lesson in a new school that I didn't realize that you were there.
I regret that because you saw me and if I saw you too, we could have been together for so long.
But I didn't and you wrote to the other girl from our class to ask about me.
And I regret that, because that's how your friendship began and that's how it thrived into pretty complicated relationship.
Both of us forgot about that day (and each other) for 3 years.
And then she disappeared and I showed up in your life.
But not only you had a complicated relation with her.
We were that kind of close friends that can have an amazing time with each other and talk about some tough stuff, but also compete so badly that we both could've break any time.
So I regret I let you fall in love with her, because it was stopping us even if she wasn't here anymore.
And I regret that I born so proud that I can't do something that I one day promised is not going to happen.
But I don't regret that I wasn't so strong to stand up for my own obdurateness and I let myself to fall in love with you.
And I don't regret I wrote it in English, because it was the first thing we had in common.