i see that you let her inside your world again, damn you're so weak for her.she runs thru your veins like blood, only this one is toxic. you won't ever admit it but everyone can see it. not a crime you won't let her slip by if it meant falling asleep next to her.
last night i talked to the moon, you know what he told me? he told me to let go, to forget you already, but just like she's the drug you're addicted to you are the drug i am addicted to. and i don't know how or when it happened, one day it hit me that you haven't left my head for years and that's when i knew i'm fucked.
then came a sunrise, beautiful as always and all i could think about is how your lips curve into a smile and wonder how your lips feel like. i wondered how your chocolate eyes look like when you're looking at someone you love. but all i can do is wonder about the answers that i know i will never get so i prayed. i prayed that you are happy, that you always feel loved, that you never go to sleep crying or upset, that the pain stays as far away from you as possible, that you never lose that smile of yours or that golden heart of yours. i prayed that she kisses you a lot and hugs you all the damn time, i prayed that she never plays with you heart and makes you happy everyday.
then i came to realisation that i dedicated my entire soul, heart and life to you. i guess it's time for me to find a way to stop loving you and start focusing all that love that i have for you towards myself.
i guess this is my goodbye, at least for now. i wish you all the best and all the happiness in this world, take care i love you.