I wanted to post something new, then i saw this tag and why not ( idk what else to do )..
So basically, you play your songs on shuffle, then when you read the questions you stop the music, and that music is the answer for the question.. wooosh

1. The song that describes how you will die.

True Love - Coldplay

love image heart, art, and planet image

That started off bad, hahaha i'm miserable

2. This song describes your love life.

Hardest Part - Coldplay

coldplay, cover, and talk image gif, art, and aesthetic image

I guess i wasn't destined to fall in love. hmmmm

3. This song will play at your wedding day.

Pills - Joji

Temporarily removed art and illustration image

That's sad.. why u so cruel

4. Add in 'my pants' at the end of this song title.

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

imagine dragons, music, and night visions image wallpaper, radioactive, and imagine dragons image

Radioactive My pants..

5. This song will play at your funeral

Latch - Disclosure, Sam Smith

Temporarily removed art, artwork, and creative image

They'll be hypin' at my death..

6. Add 'with a shovel and screwdriver' at the end of this song title.

Save Me - BTS

bts image kpop, Save Me, and bts image

Save Me.. with a shovel and screwdriver :))

7. This song describes your week

Technicolor Beat - Oh Wonder

bits, confetti, and contemporary art image album, indie, and music image

Yes, about time.. my week has been colorful and cheery

8. This song is your theme song.

Clocks - coldplay

album, clocks, and coldplay image Temporarily removed

Heck yee Spotify
Clocks = I don't want my time to go to waste.
And this song is my JAM

9. The song will play when you think of someone you love.

Cherry Blossom - Stumbleine

beautiful, cherry blossom, and japan image Image removed

* heart blossoms *

10. The song will play when you miss someone.

Desire - Years & Years

desire, electronic, and music image Temporarily removed

Wow.. this matches

The End.

And i didn't cheat or skip, it's all just a coincidence...

Thanks to Spooootify ®

That's all for today's challenge, see you tommorow !! - Calyptus

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