More on a screen than paper but I found prettier to name this article "Music on paper".
So if I had to tell somebody what music is for me, here is what I'd say.

I think music is more effective than every other way to show someone how you feel or who you are. You can tell ANYTHING with a song, or you can tell everything in ONE song. Lyrics are important but the melody and the music are too because lyrics alone don't mean anything and so are words.Words alone aren't enough. Try if ou don't believe me. Read sentence normally for the first time and then say it like it was your thoughts to someone. It won't sound the same So the piano behind the voice is more important than the words on it.Because you can still send a message without any lyric. You can tell a whole story without a word if you want to.

When do you listen to music ? I'm always listening to music. Always. (even RN) And if I can't, then I sing or even whistle.Because there is always a song to listen to whatever the mood in wich you are. Sad, happy, in love, feeling myself , calm ,excited ?I have a whole playlist for each feeling. I have a song associated with every memory or feeling I have. If it's not a song it's a sent or a view I remember.

I don't know what you do to help you falling asleep but for me , guess what, it is music. Again. Every single night I fall asleep listening to music with my headphones. Because it's magic all you can imagine with a single song. I don't care if you are making fun of me RN, yes, I make movies in my head before going to sleep. And it works. I never did a nightmare since I do this. I always manage to sleep well.

Sometimes I wonder what I would say if I had to explain how it is to see to someone who was born blind, what music is to a congenitally deaf ? What would you say ?
I leave you with a song I appreciate
(Couldn't choose between the 2 titles so I put both)

Love beautiful things,
Enjoy them,