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This or That:

Sneakers or flip-flops?

pink, aesthetic, and blue image gucci and shoes image

Heels or flats?

Temporarily removed Image by Trang

Bare feet or shoes?

Temporarily removed beach, summer, and tumblr image

Hair dryer or air dry?

Image removed air, beaty, and beutiful image

Coat or jacket?

fashion, black, and skirt image Image by ♔ ғαɴтαzтιq

Manicure or pedicure?

nails, black, and rings image gold, nails, and pedicure image

Piercings or tattoos?

tattoo and black image tattoo and bird image

Natural or dyed hair?

hair, pink, and hairstyle image Temporarily removed

Matching or mismatched socks?

Temporarily removed aesthetic, china, and cool image

T-Shirt or button-up?

button, classy, and fashion image Temporarily removed

Dress or jeans ?

Temporarily removed black, bralette, and grey image

Bikini or one piece?

summer, beach, and alexis ren image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Nightgown or pajamas?

girl, hair, and outfit image blonde hair, body, and fashion image

Curly or straight?

hair, baddie, and makeup image Temporarily removed

Short nails or long?

Image removed Image removed

Blue eyes or green?

eye, eyes, and light image Temporarily removed

Brunette or blonde?

madison beer, beauty, and makeup image beautiful, beauty, and brunette image

Wallet or purse?

bag, fashion, and chanel image bag, chanel, and luxury image

Black or white?

beautiful, beauty, and body image flowers, girl, and hairstyle image Temporarily removed Image by Eugenia

Long hair or short hair?

girl, hair, and makeup image hair, girl, and blonde image


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