So here is the rest of the story I began in my last article. Here are the words I chose to explain how I feel. Here is also my third article.

Ethan... THE "Ethan" is a cool boy, he has lots of friends and everybody loves him. Except those who are jaelous of him I guess. He is a great guy,he never cheated or lied. I think he suffers in silence.He has problems.Like everyone but his ones are quite touching me.

Everytime I meet him on a party and he is with his friends (that I don't know at all) I'm a bit scared. Because yeah, I forgot to say he just turned 19.I'm 16. It is not a problem for both of us.( He is always saying that age is just a number).

We talk about everything, we laugh a little bit, we have same sense of humor, same advice on almost everything (except eggs, he doesn't like eggs wtf), we share hobbies...

Currently I'd say we are friends, But honestly sometimes I wonder if we are just friends because we might be more.With him I feel good and safe. And I feel like he loves sharing things with me.We do not spend a lot of time together at all, we just pass eachother at parties. We only really saw eachother 2 or 3 times. He came once to my friend's party just to see me a last time before he left. Because I wanted to say Goodbye to him before he had to go to Canada for 4 months. He finally came back after only 2 weeks haha.(another story)

Now he is leaving to study in a bigger city. He will stay there during the week so it means that I won't see him as often as now. It wasn't already a lot so now.. I'm afraid. I'm afraid he doesn't want to see me more. Maybe he doesn't care if we never see eachother. Maybe he just talks to me because I do or because it became a habit.

I don't know. I'm lost. I don't even know if he is a friend or if I want him to be more.
I make articles on him but he isn't a big part of my life. I just love writing my thoughts to put things into perspective. Is he sometimes thinking about me like I do ? I'm not sure.

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