Hello my roses!

I have not written an article in a long time, I know I've been lacking but I've been also going through a tough time in my life. For weeks I've been depressed and because of that I never want to do anything anymore. But, this article is a start for me to be able to feel like myself again.

Stars can't shine without darkness

A Series of Unfortunate Events

malina weissman, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Violet Baudelaire image Image removed Image removed

Everything Sucks

serie, lgbt, and netflix image everything sucks image expectations, everything sucks, and hope image series, tumblr, and wallpaper image

Altered Carbon

Mature image aesthetic, character, and fantasy image


friends, Joey, and pizza image friends, Jennifer Aniston, and rachel green image friends, chandler, and chandler bing image friends, chandler, and chandler bing image

Stranger Things

stranger things and sadie sink image Image removed Image removed stranger things, finn wolfhard, and gaten matarazzo image

Men on a Mission

adorable, bros, and program image mmm, solar, and suju image

Alright that is it for today's article, thank you so much for reading up to here. I defiantly could go on and on with more shows but these are my absolute favorite. If any of you have more shows that you could recommend don't be shy to message me. Also message me with other articles you would like me to write.

Until later my roses.