"Make a list of all the good things that happened during this 30 days."

I'm so sad that this is ending! I look forward to this every day. The self reflection has been incredibly helpful to my headspace.

The last thirty days have been so bleh. But, a few shining starts have arisen as a part of it.

1. Getting back into my headspace.
I felt like I wasn't myself for a while, but writing every single day helped me find myself again. I still have writers block for all my stories, but I'm okay.

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2. Losing an inch off my waist.
I've really kickstarted my fat loss this past month, and I lost an inch! My hope is to lose two more, and I've been tracking my food, so I hope I can see it happen.

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3. Spring time!
Not that this just happened to me, but spring happened! Yay! My favorite season!

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4. I bought a new desk.
And the desk has reformed my room. I love it. I feel like my space is completely done over.

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I can't think of much else. It's been a quiet month. I'll have to see if I can find a daily writing prompt so I can still post every day. Adios.