Holà guys ! I hope you're well. So, today I do the "My name in breeds of dogs" challenge, my name is Orlane for those who don't know !

☀️ Otterhound

I didn't know this dog before doing this challenge haha. I only found this picture sorry 🤷🏼♀️ I find this dog rather cute (anyway I find beautiful all dogs) but it is not a favorite 😕

breed, otter, and rare image

☀️ Rottweiler

these dogs make me a little scared, as much in these pictures they are cute but when you see them in the street abashing you on top ready to jump on you it's not the same thing lmao

adorable, rottweiler, and animals image dog, cute, and animal image

☀️ Labrador

I have never had a labrador but it looks like it's creams, they are beautiful too

dog, adventure, and animal image dog, cute, and animal image

☀️ Australian Shepherd

Literally my FAVORITE breed of dog, I find them so beautiful and they are really too cuuuuute ❤️

animals, aussie, and australian image animals, australian shepherd, and dogs image

☀️ Norfolk Terrier

I didn't know this race either before this challenge and I must say that he is rather cute as a dog

norfolk, Terrier, and puppy. image cute dogs, Terrier, and small dogs image

☀️ Epagneul Tibétain

This breed is in french, otherwise in english it's Tibetan Spaniel, i'm sorry i could not find breed of dogs in English. These dogs are cute and small

dog, puppy, and spaniel image cross, tibetan spaniel, and çav image

This article is finished! I hope he has you more, do not hesitate to love or even come in private message if you need help or if you just want to talk to me!

XoXo, Arìes