Everyone loves a healthy fruit smoothie for breakfast. That is why I am going to share you all my favorite banana smoothie I love to drink every morning before I need to go to school!😋

Items needed: A blender, two ripe bananas🍌🍌, milk🥛, pure vanilla extract🌾, cinnamon❣, and raw oatmeal🍚.

Step #1: Peel the ripe bananas🍌🍌 and place inside of blender.
Step #2: Put 2 cups of raw oatmeal 🍚inside of the blender.
Step #3: Put 2-3 cups of milk 🥛inside the blender then add 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract🌾 and two teaspoons of cinnamon❣.
Step #4: After you added all the items into the blender, blend it for about 4-5 minutes.
Step #5: Enjoy your healthy banana smoothie!😋🥛🍌