Nice study notes, well paying job that i enjoy and a stable social life, things i dream of but realistically won't ever have.

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Carefully constructed Instagram feed, Propper Daily routine and a clean room, things i don’t have the time for.

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There's thousands of images on WHI alone that i wish i could have taken, that i wish my life was like, and i get angry that i'm not as good as the people in these photos.
The reality of it though is that these photos can takes ages to capture yet in only minutes i can view, and compare myself to hundreds of these photos.

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Sometimes i feel as if i’m chasing impossible ideals and attempting to live up to unrealistic expectations.
It feels as if the people around me have their life together, neatly organised, flawless and im jealous. But it’s not real.

When you see people, really see them and how they are coping you tend to see that they're not coping at all, they are just putting on the same mask as you are.
We guilt each other and ourselves into trying to be something impossible, it’s toxic but sometimes it’s the only thing i have left.

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I don't know who or where i want to be, but temporarily pretending to be one of those girls with an aesthetic life can be enough… for a while.

I was listening to a song called ‘My Friends Are Robots’ by Arrested youth
( and it’s made me re-think who i'm trying to be in reality to who i really am.

It sucks, i’m not proud of who i am but i don't think that who i want to be is reachable, i’m stuck.

How do we get out of this mindset? I simply don't know, I don’t have the answer.
For now i just try to keep myself occupied, try not to think about it.

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