i just wanted to write this down, to share it
because god it feels so good! cause i did it now (misery business inspired)
so, i am planing to make mediation part of my everyday
so today i started, this is the first day and i am gonna keep updating everyday i guess
so here is what i did
and how i mediataed
the correct way to mediated is by focusing on your breathe, keep focusing on it
and let go of any though comes to your mind , don't hold to it, just let go
whenever you get Distracted come back to your breathe keep doing it
make sure that even if you started thinking you come back right away to focus on your breathe
with time i believe it will be even easier
i believe some people who mediated for a long time very long time are completely relaxed even without mediation, so definitely when they mediated they don't think at all, they can only focus on their breathe

anyway, so i lay down, closed my eyes, put the headphone on and played rain sound
and started to focus on my breathe, not forcing it, just focusing on it, and it gets better and deeper by it self when i just focus on it (but of course i should also breathe deeper myself you know)
i meditate for 15 minutes now, that's was what i planned
and i am so happy i did it, this is day one
i already feel so good
my body feels like im flying! or something, more relaxing and fresh

and yeah
i just wanted to share this, for myself
because i am so exited and happy and i wanted to share my first day mediation ♡