Hello babes! I decided to post another confidence-boosting article for all you beauties, since you gave so much love to my articles about feminism, single life as a girl and a promising morning routine  Grab your coffee, a banana, some green tea, whatever you like, put on some nice music and let’s rock!

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Okay, so first, I wanna say that the reason I enjoy writing this types of article the most is because I know how my life changed (for the better, duh!) as soon as I focused on improving myself, lifting myself up and doing everything I could to become more confident. Since I was a little girl, I felt the need to share all the love that I have with everyone and everything, and I’m still the same – I want to put my energy, love from the bottom of my heart and all my knowledge on self-improvement to show you that learning to really, truly love yourself is the best thing you can ever do!

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Like, girl… This is the NUMERO UNO and the most important LAW!
You gotta stop seeking for other people’s approval – the only approval that you need is yours.
Accept yourself with all the good and the less good that lies within you. You have to understand that in order to do anything, to change anything about yourself, the first step that you take is accepting and being grateful for where you are RIGHT NOW.
You are not gonna be happy WHEN you lose weight.
You’re not going to be “all figured out” WHEN you get that job, get that degree, say yes to that or whatever.
I’m so sorry if you don’t like this, but guess what - you can reach your goals and do everything that makes you happy ONLY WHEN YOU ACCEPT YOURSELF AS YOU ARE IN THIS MOMENT.

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You have the ability to change anything you don’t like about yourself. But please, don’t ever be angry with yourself, forgive yourself for not always doing the right thing, and start over.
Every single minute of your life is another chance.


Yes, we all want to be accepted and admired, we want others to like us, but… Let’s think for a moment.

What do you get from other people’s opinion? Whether it’s good or bad. Does it pay your rent? If someone says you’re a bitch, do you bleed? If someone is jealous of you, does it make you better than them? If a guy rejects you or says you’re not his type because you don’t have an hour-glass figure or you’re not size 0, are you gonna die? HELL NO!


Don’t get me wrong, yes, it’s awesome to be liked by people, but don’t make it a priority. Give thanks to compliments you receive and give no damn about bad stuff that someone says.

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One of my favorite sentences that I read in Louise Hay’s books is:
”You are the strength and authority in your life.”
This means that you are the only one responsible for your goals, wishes, experiences, manifestations, happiness, call it what you like it.

Please, don’t let anyone crush your dreams. Remember that anytime someone says that your dream or goal is impossible to reach – IT’S IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM, NOT FOR YOU!
Everyone talks from their own perspective and we all see the world differently!

Believe only in words that encourage you, that motivate and inspire you!

You can achieve your goals; you can make your dreams come true both with and without college degree! You can move to the city you like, you can have the job of your dreams and you can make money out of your passion! Remember that everything was once just a thought.

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They’re all the same!
He’s no better than other guys I dated!
Men are scum!
Women are envious.
Girls can’t stand me.

This is bullshit! Yes, there are people that you can’t get along with, but it takes two for not getting along, just as it takes two for a wonderful friendship!

Just because someone is not “sharing your vibe” how I like to say it, it doesn’t mean that he or she is a bad person and that you should generalize. You just do you and let others be – always give what you want to get back. If you can’t leave people better than you found them, then leave them alone :)

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Okay boss babes; there are a lot more stuff regarding this topic…
However, these ones are most important for me, call them principles, or whatever you like. I hope you like this article, if you do – heart it, share it and let me know!

One more thing, would you like me to post an article about mood boosting, what I do when I feel sad or angry or depressed (yes, that happens to everyone – being positive about life doesn’t mean you won’t get the blues), what always work for me in those moments?
Love you so much; I’m so grateful for all your love and support!

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