Hi everyone <3,

In my last article, I published tips and steps to get the grades you wish for. And I hope this article will be helpful as well especially with the exam season that comes really soon.

At school, my friend @kethrin_vol and I did a project about stress, we used scientific researchers to collect the best ways to deal with stress especially as a teenager.

I personally stress easily so to deal with all the exams and the pressure I tried this steps. Now I will present you the most effective ones and will add some tips that helped me. Hopefully, they will be helpful to you as well. :)

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First and very important

Many of us believe that stress is something that will disappear by itself and we can ignore it and continue with our lives- well wrong! From a certain point, stress starts causing major damage to your mood, health, and wellbeing.

it is important that we don’t forget that we are humans as well, we cant study/ work/ train without taking care of our selves.

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You need to take care of your health, body and your mind as well. And yes I know I sound like a mother sometimes, and it is stressful to remember to take care of your self when your main goal is to succeed, but if you will learn how to prioritize, you will manage to combine that too. (I will give tips on that later)

Let's start first with what not to do:

1. Hibernating (sleeping during the day ) – the same as ignoring your problems- even though hiding in bed might seem like a good idea, it's not the answer. Sleeping more than you should make it much harder to focus, Plus, studies have shown a link between chronic oversleeping and weight gain.

2. jump to the worst-case scenarios – positivity is the key. It is really importing to have a positive mindset, you will benefit from it in so many ways.i think we all struggle with it especially as teens that tent to see the world as black and white, and I am no expert, so if you read it and have really recommended ways send me a message I will be thankful and will share it with the rest of you .

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3. Eat your feelings - my favorite. I am sorry to share this one but soothing your feelings with ice cream, chocolate or any other sweets is actually not helpful, well maybe for a second but not really.
it can quickly get out of control when your mind and body begin to associate negative emotions with eating.

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At the first sign of stress, anger, or sadness you'll instinctively reach for food rather than dealing with the feelings at hand. And plus weight gain, I believe that comes automatically when stressed, it's not just a saying that happy girls are the prettiest, unfortunately, that true.

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But we cannot run away from stressful events we need to learn to manage them write.
Ok, so those were the main bad ways of dealing with stress, I have a longer list if anyone will be interested send me a message.

Now let's move to the good ways

1. Sleep enough - between homework, school activities and hanging out with friends, it might seem impossible to get enough sleep, especially during the school week.

I am personally an early bird, therefore I wake up every morning at 6:00 I know it sounds insane for some of you but there are many like me. Well as our parents annoy us, and many researchers show, we need to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. I heard many say that sleeping is for losers, and a waste of time, but believe me try at least for a week to go to sleep so you will have 8 hours of sleep and trace your hours of sleep.

If you sleep enough you will feel better and the hours will prove it.( if you need tips on how to go to sleep on time only say so ;)

2. Let yourself shine - Focus on your well-being and spend some time really thinking about the things that you're good at, and find more ways to do more of it. Like acting? Go to an acting class, good at dancing? Go dance in a dance studio or even become a dance instructor. And go there at least weekly. I know we are all so busy but at least two hours a week you will focus your thoughts on something else, believe me, your mind will thank you. Focusing on your strengths will help you keep your stress in perspective.

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3. talk it out or Ask and accept help - we are all different, all you need might be to talk to your friend/ partner/ parent, so go and ask for their attention and their advice. I know it might seem that all of the people around you are so busy and have it all figured out, and it might be that as well but everyone has bad times, and when you feel you have to share go and force someone to sit and listen to you.

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On the other side, there are people that find it hard to share or to figure out what is the problem. If you feel this way don’t ever feel shy/ embarrassed. So what? You are strong enough to say you need it, you are already one ahead of all of those that sit and hide behind masks.

4. exercise/play sports - It revs up your body's production of endorphins, can help regulate your sleep, lowers the symptoms associated with mild depression, boosts your energy, and helps you remain calmer and more focused and even can boost your self-confidence.

And in not scientific words- go move your body you will only benefit from that and the bonus side it helps with stress.

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Personal tricks

  • positive reminders- leaving messages all around – desk, bag, pencil boxes, books or maybe an encouraging sticking wall. Sometimes all you need is to hear what you worth and a reminder how strong and amazing you are, so why not to leave messages from the most critical person in the world (you).
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  • Ask your best friend to write a letter for different occasions when they might not always be available like you failed a test, you are worried about your friendship/ relationship, family problems. You know yourself the best, I think they would gladly do it and even will be happy if you will do the same.
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  • Writing - I find it easier to write my feelings. Some prefer to write in a diary, write poems or song lyrics. Find a way that allows you to understand what you are really feeling. It will help you to understand the problem and to maybe even find a solution.
  • Surround yourself with the right people- you need to understand that some people don’t want your best, sometimes our friends and family notice it first, listen to them. People that chase after drama and problems will only add stress to your life. Know yourself, look at situations from an outsiders point of view.
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and again, take care of yourself in all the ways- physically, mentally and don’t forget to take care of tour health. You cant ignore it, it can come in different forms: you can become an angry person, fight constantly with your friends and family. You don’t want that, and these steps might help you. Hope you will find a way that will be useful for you and don’t forget that stress needs to be treated constantly so don’t stop after a week!

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This is all for the article! Thank you so much for reading

All yours – Leah