“Eating organic isn’t a movement, its return to tradition” as we all know we are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial ingredients and FURNITURE POLISH is made from real lemon, isn’t it strange?
Organic food – nature’s victory

• Organic food is processed naturally with athletic manure and compost without any synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, chemical food additives and chemical fertilizers.

• Researchers note that there is not a substantial difference between organic and conventional food in potential allergic reactions and nutritional value.

• Organic food is typically more costly than conventional food, sometimes 55% higher than the same conventionally grown food.

Why are Indians more into organic food?

Indians are now more into “Eat the power you want to become” as you are what you eat so doesn’t be cheap, fast, easy and fake.

Fitness, taste and caring for nature are three most vital motivations tending towards organic food.

With the increase in diseases or with the lack of nutrients, we get from conventional or non-organic food makes us sure that the decision to switch towards organic is perfect.

Tip for women who do not want to get old

Prevent premature aging – Here it’s the special attention for women. Yes, organic food can help to prevent wrinkles and dark scar due to its 17% higher nutrition value. So Women’s what are you waiting for? You can save thousands of bucks by just going organic.

Why is organic better than normal products for your health?

Reduction in risk of heart diseases- The amount of CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) that is found in dairy products increases when dairy farm animals intake organic grass in their meal. CLA is a heart-healthy fatty acid that can level up cardiovascular protection, and it can be easily found in dairy products of these animals.

Boost immune system -In recent decades, genetic modification has always been one of the biggest projects for farmers and food growers. Making apples five times larger might sound like a possible option for solving our world’s hunger issues, but there is another side to it.

In animal testing, a major reduction in the increase in birth mortality, immune system strength, as well as in certain sexual dysfunctions, sensitivity to allergens and cancers, was because of genetically modified food.

So it’s up to you, to choose what’s right for you going for five times larger venomous fruit or a healthy organic fruit.

Promotes animal welfare–Everyone loves animal products right? But what about their food safety certification. Does anyone care about that? Animal welfare is a vital aspect of producing organic products. People feel delighted that the animals are not confined to tragic caged life when they consume organic products.

• The absence of Pesticides - One of the major issues that organic food consumers find when selecting organic over non-organic is the absence of pesticides.

In order to keep crops from being degraded by the natural world, including bugs, pesticides are required. Although they do a better job at keeping certain pests away from the crops, but they also are composed of powerful chemicals like organophosphorus.

This is an artificial mineral compound that is not required for humans, so people are now aware and shifting towards organic.


Prevents cancer – Cancer is the most deadly disease and one of the reasons for its rapid spread is because of eating inorganic food.

What? Is organic costly? Well, if you think eating organic is costly; have you ever priced cancer lately?

• Tastes better than non-organic food– What else will be the great news that “NOW HEALTHY IS TASTY”.

Yes, organic food tastes definitely much better than the non-organic, for example, organic jam, organic juice, organic salad tastes way better than the non-organic taste of it.

Does organic food cost more than non-organic food?

Yes, organic food normally costs 30% to 100% more than non-organic food.

Organic food production is generally labor-intensive and use of organic fertilizers and organic pesticides, which are more expensive than chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Organic food is indeed pricey but totally worthy.

Is organic food the same as natural food?

No, organic food refers to food items prepared without using chemicals. Natural food is something which has grown with or without chemical although both are eatable.

Is it safe for children?

Yes, it is completely safe for children. Most parents are concerned about their children diet as according to stats 20% patients who suffer from diabetes are below 10 years(not sure with the figures though but its nearly accurate).

So in the world of junkies parents are bending toward organics. Rest is your choice what you want for your kid in the world of unhealthy stuff.

Some more strong reasons, why Indians are switching their food preferences from non-organic to organic.

• Indian parents are more into organic rather than conventional
Yes, Indian parents believe that, everytime you eat and drink, you are either fighting disease or feeding it. So they teach their children “junkies are bad, so go for organic”

I was reading this article the other day, wherein a person, named Mr.Maheshwari, mentioned his story about going KFC & Pizza Hut almost every week. Not alone, but with his whole family. There he used to spend like 2-3k for a stomach full meal (which is basically junkie).

After Spending a lot of money, He realized about the health of his own and family, he also realized that this isn’t enough to win the long live game.

So, he changed his habit of eating KFC with going to a local organic food store, in his native place, to buy healthy organic food for his family.

“Instances of illness in children and lifestyle disorder in adults are the primary reason why parents are becoming increasingly aware of organics.There is a niche in our community, which is very vocal about using organic products and sustainable alternatives and it appears to be growing”.


• Rising demand
Recently, many videos of vegetables and injected fruits which release colors and a soapy substance while washing were viral on social media platforms on which people reacted much aggressively.

This tends to rise in demand for organic food and their faith in it.
People had witnessed that benefits of organic food are surprisingly more effective and long-lasting.

As many stars and co-stars who not only endorse but also recommend going for organic.

• Commercial benefits of organic food in India

As we know India is ruling over startups.So one can try for organic segments as there are very few companies who are ruling on organic products. So there is mass opportunity to grab and to try out hands in organic segments and grab franchise.

Moreover, India’s food market size is quite enormous, to alter it with organic food more brands and business will have to jump in the game.
Thus there is a bucket full of opportunity for brands and entrepreneurs in this field.


What do you think would be the most important reason out of all, mentioned above, to go organic?