hey guys,

I'm gonna just go ahead an list the tattoos I loveeee or want to get in the future because I honestly can't wait until I'm 18 and finally can...


Image by Elerea tatto, Tattoos, and Tatts image
I would probably get this on my arm or the inside of my finger if I did decide to get it.

simple heart

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I'm honestly considering this because it's so simple and cute, I'd probably get it on my wrist.

crescent moon

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I kind of like these moons behind the ear.

mini aesthetic rose

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this rose tattoo is so cute on the collarbone.


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no fear

Image by c h a r l o t t e Image by c h a r l o t t e
this tattoo is so cute, yet badass and I would probably get it somewhere by the bottom of my feet where it is shown in the pic


Image by lsbck1 tattoo image
i've always found sun tattoos so cute and would probably get it on my forearm or something


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i loveee rib tattoos (particularly these ones) which is super-inconvenient considering they are one of the most painful

so yeah, those are some tattoo ideas I really love