As this is my first article, I think it would be nice to write about me. That's why I'll list random facts.
PS. Sorry for any mistake with English (I'm from Italy)

1. My first name is Eleonora

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Eleonora has different meanings: it depends on its origin. From the Greece it means "pitying", from Germanic names it means "growing in the sun" and from Arabic names the meaning is "God is my light".

2. I'm from Italy

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Exactly I live near Bologna, in northen Italy. In the pictures: Tortellini, a tipical food -or I should say a tipical kind of pasta; a view of the Asinelli and Garisenda Towers, the most famous monuments of Bologna; a view from a little window in town, it is called "little window on the Moline's drain"; and last one the external wall of Lucio Dalla's house.

3. I'm currently studying Statistics

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I'm on my last year of university - YAY!

4. I'm 25 years old

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God! Already?

5. My eyes are green

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But sometimes they like to change -no i havent Hogwarts' stairs instead of eyes XD

6. My hair is dark brown

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And yes, I prefer when in summer they turn to a less dark brown. And well I am curly and I would like I was straight.

7. I love reading books

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Opened to any kind of books, but still prefer love stories or something like that.

8. I'm pretty always cold

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It doesn't matter if we're in December or in August, under 20 degrees i'll ask for a scarf -or a hug ;)

9. I was born in March

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Early March, for real, so it was already spring and it was snowing when i was born. So yes, I'm Pisces if you ask me.

10. I'm seriously in love with heels

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I'd rather wear a pair of heels for the whole day than a pair of sneakers. I know I should have some mental problems.

11. I don't really have a favourite color

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I really wear any kind of color. If I should say I like most green, red and blue.

12. I don't drink any kind of beverage like Coca Cola or Soda

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I really don't like fizzy beverages.

13. I don't have a favourite singer

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I really love Marco Mengoni, Ed Sheeran, Sara Bareilles and Justin Timberlake, I like Gabrielle Aplin and i'm currently in love with Francesca Michielin. Well, mine is more like a radio station than an Ipod.

14. I don't like sports, but Formula 1

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Ferrari is the way! GO! - oh, sorry I'm a bit patriotic now

15. Usually I don't wear make up. I really hate it!

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The only make up I love is nail polish. Otherwise I don't use make up at all. Only at my first graduation I worn it.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you liked it. And thanks for reading, if you did.