Hello everybody!

I'm here with some thoughts for you! Open your heart and let the rain to guide you to the eternity.


I let the rain to know all my feelings for you
I don't know if it is right to say but I like the way the rain make me to forget you and to recall you at the same time

rain, hands, and city image

I lost myself in the rain
But also I found you in it

rain, autumn, and city image

I found the hidden sadness through the raindrops
But I found the happiness as well
I found YOU

rain, love, and couple image

I discovered the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen in my entire life
The way they stare at me
The way they make me lose myself
I love them and I will always do
I will always love your touches
I will always pray for your lips against my lips
I will always want your perfume on my body
I will always want you
But I will never have all of these again
Rain gave me you
And rain stole you from me
I hate it
I love it

girl, rain, and black and white image

The moon
The moon always watches us
It watches our wrong steps
I glory it
I curse it
Because takes the nights too fast

moon, stars, and night image

Pour, baby
Pour the wine in the glass
We both know the taste is not the same
Pour, baby
Pour a few venom
Maybe tonight I will forget you
Or maybe not
Who knows

girl, alone, and rain image

Let the rain to heal my wound
It is the only one that could do that

sad, black and white, and rain image
That's all for now!

Kisses. See you later ❤️💋