Greetings from my side. I'm Viman from India. Well sorry for so much delay. I have been planning this article since a very long time but was restricted by my busy schedule but don't worry spring is gonna last till the very end of May and I hope you guys are enjoying this season and making the most of it. Flowers blooming, plants regaining life, soft-floral colors are sight to fall in love with. Well, I'm totally smitten and you guys would have to agree too that spring time is worth capturing. So I have come up with set of pictures that you would want to recreate so without any further ado, lets start.

1. Floral-maxi dresses

Sounds boho? Not really. This is the most appropriate season to flaunt your flowy maxis. So grab one and pose.

dress image
fashion, dress, and yellow image
Yellow is the color of the season.
beautiful, candid, and casual image

2. Flower crown

Whether you make one or buy one, it is worth flaunting.

beautiful, candid, and flower image
Temporarily removed
Brunettes do try this one.
girl, flowers, and hair image

3. Botanical background

As I mentioned earlier bare plants are full with new baby leaves in spring and you can't afford to miss this one.

girl, fashion, and style image
Visit a nearby plant nursery for this shot.
fashion and girl image
If you find yourself visiting a fancy place like restaurants/cafe with green front view, Pose. Makes for a perfect candid shot for minimalistic feed.
beautiful, candid, and casual image

4. Flowers in bloom

Quite self-explanatory and I'm quite sure you are smitten by the floral sight around you.

flowers, pink, and rose image
summer, flowers, and pink image
My favorite- Bougainvillea, I fondly call it flower of the season as it is really ubiquitous and simple subject to brighten your feed and give it some spring touch.
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5. Running hair

My favorite category. It's so positive and full of happy vibes.

girl image
If you are travelling to a tropical country or live in one, good for you as you can easily recreate this shot.
flowers, girl, and tumblr image
Or visit a nearby field. Plan a long drive with your friends to a nearby village or to countryside and generate some epic shots.
girl, flowers, and dress image
If you like to create magical and dreamy pictures, do try this.

6. Warm and Happy theme

This one is for fashion bloggers and camera-hogs out there on social media.

beautiful, boho, and candid image
beautiful, boho, and candid image
A vintage cafe location is best for this portfolio.
beautiful, boho, and candid image

So, that's all for today. Remember you can always send me postcard with article requests and I would give you a shoutout in the respective article or in general if you want to talk, drop in. I wish you a brilliant week ahead.


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