Hi there, I'm Anna, and I am very new to WHI! So as a way to put myself out there (and hopefully make some friends), I wrote this article to introduce myself and my interests. I plan to write more articles in the future, most likely about these topics.

I am a Southern Californian girl.

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California is kind of a mess, but I love it anyways. The sunsets are always gorgeous, the weather is hot and dry, the traffic is terrible, and the scenery can be incredible.

I am an introvert.

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This is pretty self-explanatory, but that does not mean I don't like socializing or doing fun things!

I cannot wait until I can leave and travel the world.

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I can talk about travelling all day. Unfortunately, travelling is something I do not have the means or time to do with my family, so I am eagerly waiting for my opportunity to go by myself.

I love learning.

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I wouldn't go as far and say I love school, but I do love learning about anything and everything. Knowing random trivia/things is a signature of mine.

My favorite subjects are English and Art History.

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English is a fave because of reading and writing, and art history is just full of drama, tragedy, and human excellence; it is awesome knowing the history behind famous works of art.

I listen to music, a lot.

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I've got playlists for moods, films, characters, books, and events. I listen to everything from Broadway to Childish Gambino to Lauv to Led Zepplin. Except country, sorry.

I also read, a lot.

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Reading brings me so much joy and sadness at the same time.

I am very interested in filmmaking, cinematography, and photography.

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I watch so many movies and take so many pictures.

Thank you for checking this out! These are only small bits about me, but I think it gives a sense of what I will focus on in later articles!

- Anna