Hello, pretty people !

How are y'all doing today ? I'm back with another article, yay ! So, as you don't know, because I never told you, I've been obsessed with Shadowhunters lately (like, I know I'm late, but I finally catched up on season 3 !), and as I'm a fashion lover, I thought it could be interesting to make a lookbook !

Hope you'll enjoy, and here are my three Shadowhunters "inspired" looks !

Isabelle Lightwood

Image removed shadowhunters, emeraude toubia, and isabelle lightwood image

Izzy's style is pretty much sexy, and it really showcases her body, so if you're looking for a look alike style, I would suggest : body con dresses, high heels, red lips, and snake bracelet.

fashion, model, and runway image shoes, high heels, and boots image lips, makeup, and red image b&w, hand, and snake image

Alec Lightwood

alec lightwood and matthew daddario image Temporarily removed

Alec's style is very simple and dark. So, if you're trying to achieve an Alexander look, try : dark shirts/tee-shirts, black jeans, combat boots and dark jackets.

aesthetic, black, and boys image style, man, and men image clothes, fashion, and shoes image boy, model, and black image

Magnus Bane

magnus bane, shadowhunters, and matthew daddario image magnus bane, shadowhunters, and matthew daddario image

Magnus' style is magical (ain't funny, is it ?), basically. So if you're like me, and want a Magnus Bane outfit, I would say : shirts/jackets with "magical" patterns, black pants, booties, lot of jewelry and makeup.

fashion, guy, and man image nails, rings, and bisexual image Harry Styles, hands, and rings image Temporarily removed boots, Harry Styles, and gold image aesthetic, architecture, and art image magnus bane, cat eye, and tmi image Temporarily removed
(blessed you with four more pictures because he's my favorite)

Of course, these are only suggestions, you can totally interprete their styles as you want ! And I only did those three characters because they're my favorites.

Hope you guys enjoyed, and I'll see you soon in an other article !

Love, always.