Actions, something very easy to pronounce in your language class, or easy to perform when it comes to house chores, homework, or even physical activities. But what happens when you try to show something to a person you love?
Any minimal action can change many things, as well as for good as for bad. And you do not see it coming, nobody sees it coming. It just happens, it's the typical one that decides I've screwed up.
Those small actions, or large ones, with or without intent, can hurt that person you love. Nobody wants to do that, then they cow up and do not even try; because he is afraid of whatever may happen.
But, nobody knows what can happen. That is one of the best things of destiny, it forces you to try it, for the *what if... *
Maybe tomorrow you something happens (I hope for you and for all that this does not happen) and your life ends, or you have little time ... all those options and possibilities that you had, you threw them away for fear. Try it shit, if it fails, you will learn and try harder the next time, but, and if you win?
Do everything that you propose, take away that fear and shame, I know that you can do it.
And if you hurt that person you love so much, do everything in your power to remedy it. If that special person returns your love, then there is not much to worry about, no one would want to ruin your entire relationship (be it friends, love, etc) for a simple mistake you made, that your only intention was to do something better.
Every little action counts, try it.