If you were a season, you would be spring. You warmed my heart after the harsh cold of winter. Making my days brighter, the air fresher and my world covered with colors I once thought only the flowers knew.

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If you were a weather pattern, you would be a thunder storm. Shaking my entire world with your presence. Leaving your mark on me, the way lightning marks the Earth when it kisses the ground.

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If you were a song, it would be a lullaby. Putting to rest all my worries with just the rhythm of your breathe. You are the crux of my dreams, the reason my sleep is sweet.

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If you were a color, you would be the most captivating shade of red. Sincere and passionate. So tantalizing it must be a sin.

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If you were a clothing item, you would be my favorite denim jacket. Effortlessly classic, worn in with memories. Some are patches from previous owners, which I've mended with embroidery.

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If you were a city, you would be the town I grew up in. Because no matter what direction life takes me, when asked where my home is. I'll whisper your name.

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Because if you were to ask me what I feel for you, I would say love.