i dont know what it is but all i want, is to go somewhere. anywhere.

all i want to do is be outside whether it could be just standing there under a really big tree and think about the good days and the bad days or just hanging with friends at the play ground, messing around in rusty slides and rusty swings.

yes, you could call me old-school or too needy to want to be outside but its the truth.

being outside, in my personal opinion, makes me feel better about myself. i love knowing that im doing something with my life and not just sitting on the couch with my phone in my hands. no. id rather walk to nowhere or do something crazy.

i want to break into an abandoned house, sneak into an abandoned amusement park, shop till my knees drop and regret it later, have a HUGE water balloon fight, walk for a really long time and not know where my legs lead me to, have a food fight, talk to a really cute guy without being awkward, throw a big party, go ghost hunting in the forest, go skinny dipping, sit under the stars, etc.

the little things and even the big things like these, make me realize that these are things i want to live for. some days i feel super tied up with stress and depressing thoughts but at the end of the day, nothing else matters but the need to go out and live.

so lets do it.