• Favorite Movie?
pocahontas, disney, and love image

I have so many, but Pocahontas has to be my number one.

  • Favorite Song?
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Again, I have so many, but Colors of the Wind, Just Around The Riverbend, Once Upon A Dream, and How Far I'll Go are my favorite.

  • Favorite Character?
Image by yesi gomez Angelina Jolie, maleficent, and awwsomwe image black and white, gif, and vintage image

Pocahontas, Maleficent, and Mickey Mouse

  • Favorite Princess?
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Rapunzel and Pocahontas. (some of you might not think Pocahontas is a princess, but to me she is cause she's the daughter of the leader, so I think that counts) :D
  • Favorite Prince?
beauty and the beast, disney, and bird image disney, beauty and the beast, and gif image beautiful, disney, and eric image
Prince Adam/Beast & Prince Eric
  • Favorite Heroine?
disney, gif, and movie image fashion, gif, and girls image disney and mulan image
Pocahontas, Moana, and Mulan
  • Favorite Hero?
mulan, disney, and cute image
Li Shang
  • Favorite Animal?
frozen, snow, and disney image disney, bambi, and kiss image adorable, animation, and disney image cute, love, and bunny image
Literally all of them! I can't choose! they're all so adorable!
  • Favorite Sidekick?
Image removed tangled, disney, and pascal image arabic, disney, and egypt image china, mulan, and disney image peter pan, disney, and wendy image
Meeko, Maximus & Pascal, Stitch, Mushu, and Tinker Bell
  • Favorite Kiss?
beauty, couple, and disney image
Flynn & Rapunzel
  • Favorite Location?
disney, tangled, and light image disney, Island, and ocean image
Tangled & Moana
  • Favorite Disney Opening?
disney and castle image
All of them! :)
  • Favorite Couple?
disney, tangled, and rapunzel image disney, john smith, and pocahontas image
Rapunzel & Flynn, Pocahontas & John
  • Favorite Villain?
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  • Favorite Pixar Movie?
Mature image disney, dory, and finding nemo image Image by عائشه disney, emotions, and fun image
Toy Story, Finding Nemo(Dory), Monsters Inc., and Inside Out
  • Funniest Moment?
disney, gif, and walt disney image frozen, olaf, and anna image
Up & Frozen
  • Saddest Moment?
bambi, snow, and disney image movie, quote, and inside out image simba, mufasa, and thelionkingofficialsite image
Bambi, Inside Out, and The Lion King
  • Favorite Ending?
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Again, I have a lot. So I'm just going to choose Moana.

Thanks for reading! :)

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