Hey, Lovely people! I don't really have a fancy way of doing this, but I am just going to be putting my list of names on here for you guys. These names could be for babies, characters, or if you are like me, for your name list! Also, next to the name, I will put (f), (m), or (f/m) for female, male, or both. Here we go!

Phoenix (f)

I like strong, unique names — so, I will have a lot of girl names that I'll say are strong. Like this one.

Fox (m)

I thought this was really cute. A quirky name for a guy.

Jupiter (f)

I once met a little girl with carrot-orange hair who was just in her own little world and singing. I saw her only once, but she definitely made me love this name.

Ocean (m)

I can't even explain how much I love this name. I don't even really know why.

Kalila (f)

(ka-ly-luh) not (ka-lee-luh)
I'm actually considering this as a baby name for the future.

Elio (m)

Come on, guys — you know I got this from Call Me By Your Name

Tigerlily (f)

This was the name of the chief's daughter in Peter Pan

Rome (m)

Makes me think of an olive-skinned boy who has brown curly hair and sharp features.

Merlin (m)

Just cute.

Mayne (m)

Also, just cute.

Berlin (m/f)

I don't know if I like this for a girl or boy more

Lyon (m)

I love animal names for people. Almost like a sort of symbolism. Lyon for confidence and strength.

Byrd (f)

I like adding the 'y' because they aren't actually that animal. It's just a twist. Byrd for freedom

Sheru (m)

ever see the movie Lion ?
I recommend it. You'll understand why I like the name a lot.

Violette (f)

A very soft name

Artemis (f)

After the Greek goddess. Very strong name

Atticus (m)

It's a name where somebody would say, "Well, that's a fine name."

Orange (f)

It reminds me of a name that would be a quirky main character's name. Also, one of my favorite fruits and color. Very very different and quirky. Love it.

Bear (m)

For strength and bravery

Magnolia (f)

Dainty and sweet

Wendy (f)

Makes me think of a bright, vintage red and blue. Very dainty as well.

Winnie (f)

Just think it's very cute. Makes me see yellow.

Mabel (f)

Another quirky name. Love it.

Ok, that was 23! I'll do another set of 23 soon!

Live life your way,


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