hello☼ I'm Verónica I'm going to tell you 30 facts about me.

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01. Married to my middle school sweetheart Travis.
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02. 3 beautiful children trying for another one.
♥ victorixa
♥ victorixa
03. Four siblings.
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04. I love Ariana Grande A whole bunch and her style is my aesthetic.
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05. I was born on August 23, 1994 (Tuesday) and have been alive for 8,625 days!
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06. My favourite color changes a lot, but lately, I've like brighter colours. They seem to lift my spirits more, so I try to surround myself with them.
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07. I have a southern accent.
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08. I love the outdoors! I like to hike, camp, etc. it's super normal where I live!
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09. I have a twin brother! sometimes he can be quite annoying, but I love him anyway.
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010. I really like old music! I'm talking as early as the 1930's. c; I think it's classier and Louis Armstrong is one of my favourites.
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011. I was a cheerleader in High school.
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012. I LOVE dolphins and dogs! They are my two favourite animals, I would never be able to choose one over another!
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013. I speak 3 languages, English, French and Spanish.
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014. Kehlani is queen.
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015. Born and grow up in Austin, TX.
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016. My major is photography.
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017. Didn't get my driver’s license in till I was 18.
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018. I’m a Virgo, but horoscopes aren’t really my thing.
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019. I am only 4'11. shut up okay? shut up.
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020. I love fashion and art.
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021. forget-me-nots, but I really love cactuses more than flowers, also they live longer and don’t die as easily when you keep them as houseplants (I have 7 rare sorts of cactuses I deeply care about)
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022. I’m a big Disney fan, and my all time favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast, though I love Tangled too.
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023. When I was 15, I was rushed to the hospital with a mild stroke. I’ve both survived and recovered, but it still makes writing, balance and speech a little difficult.
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024. I have a cat named Jack Sparrow.
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025. do not drink. Mostly because I do not like the taste of alcohol, but also because my family has a history of alcohol abuse, and I do not want that to happen to me.
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026. I have a guilty pleasure for ghost stories, even though I’m a nervous wreck for days after reading them.
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027. Pickles and cotton candy are my two favourite foods on this earth.
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028. I remember my dreams pretty well and I often find a lot of meaning behind them.
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029. I can’t stand silence. I always have to have white noises on, because silence makes me nervous.
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030. I'm Hispanic & have 7 tattoos

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bye lovelies, (◕‿◕✿)
Verónica ♥