I scan the deserted bar for any drunken idiots and come up empty. There is only Cherry and I left and by eleven o’clock at night I should hope so, I wanna go home. I walk around the tables and start to stack the chairs and collect the empty glasses, slowly making my way towards the door. I lock it with the key hanging around my neck and look out at the dark road with lonely cars making their way through the night and check to make sure my car is still there in the lot. I can confidently say that if someone was stupid enough to try and steal my car I would get even and by now most people know that so they don’t like to even go near it.
I stroll back behind the bar and get my keys and bag that I keep in a drawer under the counter and make sure that I’ve done everything I need to do before I leave. I then turn and get Cherry out from the backroom. When he sees me his tail starts wagging and he stands to attention waiting for me to unchain him from the bench. I scratch his head and get his leash clicking it to the black collar. Cherry is a 5 year old Doberman who I’ve had since he was a puppy. I look after him so he looks after me which is very comforting when I have to close up the bar by myself.

We both walk outside momentarily locking the back door and walk silently to my black 2008 VE SSV Ute. I open up the tailgate and then link Cherry to the ring that’s attached to the tray. I walk around to the driver’s side and open up the thankful that after another six hour shift I can drive home and sleep. I got in, put my seatbelt on and retrieved the lighter and the almost empty pack of cigarettes out of my bag and started the car. I loved hearing the engine roar to life and knowing that it was all mine and I was in charge, not even my brothers were allowed to drive my car.
I light the cigarette and roll down my windows so most of the smoke can get out. I reverse out of the lot and start my drive home cranking Nicki Minaj as I go and think about how boring school was today. Even Lacy thought it was boring as fuck and she actually likes school although, we did enjoy aiming our chewing gum at Charlotte’s hair. You may think that’s mean but you haven’t met Charlotte she is a total whore, and of course that’s one of the nice names she gets called, not just by me, by everyone. I don’t think there’s a living soul who likes her, except for Charlie who walks around like she owns the fucking school. They are both sluts and they seem to beg for the innocent torment from Lacy, Esther and I who are the only people brave enough to stand up to them. We don’t take any shit from them but they don’t seem to get that because they insist on pushing our buttons.
Anyway I don’t really like having to think about school when I don’t have to. But I must say Ben was looking good today, and Lacy (who is a lesbian by the way) thought so and she hates having to talk about boys so that must be saying something. I’ve liked him for about a week now and I’m thinking he needs to go so I might sleep with him so I can move on. He is a nice guy and everything but really I just need to do the deed and leave. It will make me happy, at least for a while anyway. It’s just what I do with guys, I guess I’m the female version of a player, but hey, it’s almost like they volunteer, sometimes they actually do and it makes me laugh to think of how many times boys have come to me almost begging to sleep with me, I’m not even joking its true. I enjoy sleeping with guys and then ditching them. Most of them don’t even care either so I just do it out of the goodness of my heart. One thing about me is, I don’t do love.
I continue racing along the almost deserted road occasionally taking a drag from the cigarette between my fingers. With only minutes until I get home I launch into a rap from Nicki and look in my rear vision mirror to the dog happily breathing in the night air with his tongue hanging out and wish that something so simple could please me.
I park, simultaneously flicking the cigarette out the window and grab my bag, keys and lighter from the passenger seat and open the door. I can finally go to sleep and relax after a long day. I reach into the tray and unchain Cherry so he can jump out and go do his business on the lawn. I walk to the front door and unlock it patiently waiting for the dog to do his thing. “Cherry!” I call and straight away he comes racing over into the house. We quietly make our way upstairs and into my bedroom without being intercepted by one of my fucking parents or brothers. I shut the door and strip naked then launch myself into bed, closing my eyes and eventually falling asleep.