hello and a big thanks for clicking on this article! as you see in the title, i'm gonna give you a couple of tips to give your room a simplistic and cozy look.

hope you find this helpful, enjoy!

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have you ever gone on instagram or tumblr to find those pictures of those super comfy and cozy bedrooms?

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pretty simple, but cute right?

well lucky for you because here are some ways you can also turn your bedroom into your simplistic style no matter what kind of room you've got...

let's start.

white walls are your best friend.

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white walls are a huge help when it comes to maintaining the "simple" look. mixing this in with the other elements you'll see a little further down will give you that simple and pleasing look! it also goes with anything.

those white snugly bed sheets

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keep it plain and simple. just those thin white bed sheets.
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not a fan of always keeping it plain? throw in a couple of colorful pillows or a blanket. as said before, white goes with anything but it's up to you!


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nature looks beautiful, doesn't it?
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go crazy and add as many as you'd like! not willing to water them all though? get a cactus or any other plant that doesn't need a lot of water if you're feeling lazy.

wooden or white furniture

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whether it's wood...
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or white...
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the choice is up to you

how about a mirror?

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you deserve a good old mirror for whenever you're feeling yourself.

art and pictures

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hang 'em on your wall
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pin them wherever you want.

record player

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buy yourself a vinyl collection of your favorite albums, the experience is worth it.
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pick any color that pleases you!

hope you enjoyed and found this article helpful. keep in mind, these are just some tips to pull of the simple, and aesthetic look to your room. most of the are pretty easy to find and not that expensive. good luck!

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