I don't usually write because my diary is internal. I do have a physical diary as well, but I only write in it once or twice a year just to keep a record of what's happened in my life since I last wrote. I do this out of fear because Alzheimer's and Dementia runs in my family and I'm afraid that one day I'll forget what happened throughout my life and how I managed to get to where I am today.
Over the past months I slowly withdrew myself from social media because majority of the content I see doesn't really make me feel good about myself. I stayed on We Heart It because I believe it's a more therapeutic version of social media since you can search and discover the images yourself based on your own intentions which I believe minimizes the feeling of "not being good enough".

I came across this challenge as I was browsing through articles the other day and decided to partake in it as the bare minimum way to express myself. I've been told I lack in self expression towards others and so hopefully this can be a step to change that.


scorpio image the 100, raven reyes, and lindsey morgan image


career, confidence, and future image quotes, soul, and woman image


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night, stars, and art image Gone with the Wind and vivien leigh image


purple, sky, and lightning image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


sisters, Witches, and past lives image viola davis, alfred enoch, and jack falahee image


captain jack sparrow, jack sparrow, and johnny depp image blood, boy, and mad image


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