all of these youtube channels currently have under 1 million subscribers

1. bonny rebecca
beach, girl, and goals image pizza, food, and girl image girl, happy, and shopping image girl, happy, and vegan image
super adorable australian vlogger who mainly records her vegan diet.
2. conan gray
conan gray image aesthetic, artist, and bambi image Temporarily removed aesthetic and conan gray image
incredibly talented musician and lifestlye vlogger.
3. evan edinger
aesthetic, green, and evan edinger image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, evan, and shirt image evan edinger, dodie clark, and doddleoddle image
american comedian and traveller currently based in london. definitely check out his travel channel too since it's one of my favorites.
4. hi i'm mimi
hi i’m mimi image hi i’m mimi image Image removed Image removed
artsy musician; she's very similar to conan when it comes to aesthetics.
5. jessethereader
book, cover, and guy image kathleen, polandbananas20, and jessethereader image kathleen, jessethereader, and booktube image jesse, polandbananas20, and jessethereader image
super funny book youtuber. he does a lot of reviews and book hauls.
6. kristin johns
kristin johns image fashion and kristin johns image girl and hair image dogs, fashion, and rings image
beauty and lifestyle vlogger with a quirky style. i honestly love her and her family so much.
7. marcus johns
Image by Dreamy marcus johns image boys and marcus johns image Hot, HOTTEST, and vine image
ex viner and comedian currently building up his channel. he's also kristin's husband ;)
8. kristin and marcus
couple, goals, and cute image aesthetic, alternative, and couple image christian, couple, and goals image Image removed
marcus and kristin have a joint vlogging channel where you get a look into their lives and several clips of their precious dogs.
9. mei yan
ulzzang image girl, asian, and ulzzang image angel, angelic, and art image girl image
chinese american beauty youtuber with an adorable aesthetic.
10. notjustblonde
Image removed notjustblonde image notjustblonde image notjustblonde image
british musician who also just talks about her life and struggles mentally.
11. sarah sterling (previously sarah snitch)
sarah snitch and leo camacho image sarah snitch image sarah snitch image sarah snitch image
disney youtuber and disneybounder who makes amazing content revolving around disney parks and movies.
12. savannah brown
aesthetic, alternative, and black image savannah brown image Image removed girl, light, and savannah brown image
american author and poet who is insanely gifted with words currently living in london.
13. tom harlock
tom harlock image tom harlock image tom harlock image celebrity, internet, and quote image
british comedian and ex viner who is extremely hilarious and sarcastic.
14. tothe9s
people, tothe9s, and wearetothe9s image people, tothe9s, and wearetothe9s image fashion, jackets, and lookbook image fashion, sneakers, and syle image
canadian duo who make videos about fashion and style. their videos are visually pleasing to watch and enjoyable if you like clothes.
15. vagabrothers
vagabrothers image vagabrothers image vagabrothers image vagabrothers image
brothers who travel and make videos about it and about how to make traveling easier.
16. will darbyshire
aesthetic, green, and male image boy, dog, and london image Temporarily removed couples, cover, and goals image
british vlogger and filmmaker who is very creative and talented.