"You knew me. Who I am. Who I was," he said, with his usual sense of twistedness. "No," I replied, faintly. His eyes narrowed as his gaze bore down onto my flustered face. I thought I knew the person before me, but lately I questioned everything. He wasn't a good person, and I saw him for what he was now. A black hole, sucking people in only to leave them in chaos.
After a second a smile crawled onto his face, "Yes, don't lie. Since the moment you met me, you knew who I was." I looked down at the damp grass and then back up to his arrogant expression. Everything was a game he expected to win. I shivered, the wind was starting to nip at my bones. "Hmm... okay. I knew you." I only said what he wanted to hear. I did not trust him, and I feared what he was capable of.

"Then this is no surprise," he exclaimed as he pointed to the mess around us. "Maybe not," I sighed. "Maybe?," he asked, his voice higher than usual but still enthralling. I reminded myself that this was just a game to him, and he was a master manipulator.
I thought carefully about how much I wanted to reveal next, "I thought some people could change, not completely, but at least a little." I glared at a nearby tree because his gaze was beginning to hurt. "Really?," he chuckled. "Really," I said flatly. Suddenly I realized how tired I was. How draining it felt to be around him. "That is unlike you to think that," he breathed out. "Maybe I changed," I replied, my voice too rough.

-I changed, you did not

I ignored the bad in you because I loved you. But you were always a bad person. Before and after me.