I know that it sounds easier than it is. He made you feel appreciated in the beginning and you really did believe that he loved you. It was the man he became over time that made you question his love. He was this loving and caring man who gave you all of the attention and respect you needed but now you can’t even recognize him.

We all know the feeling when you love someone so much that even the thought of separation hurts. We’ve all been there, at a crossroads, where we had to decide between our own well-being or the love of another person. But let me quickly tell you this: you will become a whole new version of yourself, someone you’ll be proud of, the minute you learn from people and situations that don’t serve you. Do yourself that favor.

You must be thinking that he’s going to change, that he’ll do something that will blow you away and that everything will be the way it was before. But for months he’s been acting strange. He doesn’t call you his sunshine anymore, he doesn’t text you back and you aren’t able to see him for days because he has so much work to do. Are you really willing to wait any longer?

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Do yourself a favor and let go. Let go of the man who doesn’t appreciate you enough to make you feel safe and protected. This man doesn’t give you what you deserve and you shouldn’t have to accept his behavior just because you claim to love him.

Do yourself a favor and take care of yourself. You have been crying so much these last few days that you haven’t been able to see the world in its full beauty. That’s why you need to take care of yourself more. Don’t wait for him to call you to ask you out for dinner, go out with yourself. You will most probably meet people who are way more loving than he ever was.

Do yourself a favor and love yourself. By loving yourself, you won’t ever again have the urge to go back to him and to endure more of the pain and agony he put you through. When you love yourself, there won’t come a time when and you will be enough. If not for him, at least for yourself.

Isn’t this what life is all about? Being in love with yourself? You might be wondering why but let’s be honest, it is the one thing that brings us happiness even if everything else is falling apart. But he will never understand that. He doesn’t know how to love.

He will never learn what loving you could be like, all because he decided to go in another direction. Someone like him, who doesn’t know that it’s time to call you, who doesn’t know that he needs to be there for you when you’re sick or sad, will never be able to love a woman properly. Even if he says that hes capable of change.

Do yourself a favor and move on. You will be at ease and your heart will thank you for that. Moving on is an art that’s mastered by very few but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for you. You just need to realize what you deserve and make it clear to everyone who enters your life that you won’t settle for anything less. Because you do deserve respect, attention and affection!

Do yourself a favor and walk away. He’s not worth the fight. . He’s not worth your tears and nights spent awake, waiting for him to come home. He’s not worthy of you, your charm, your pure heart and your amazing soul.

There will come someone who will appreciate all those things about you. This man will love you unconditionally and he will give you everything that you were not able to have until you met him. Your soulmate will never make you question his feelings for you and he will never give you fake promises. So, why not wait until you finally find someone worthy of you instead of settling for someone who doesn’t even deserve you.

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