Ok so Ari is my Queen my mom my everything, i mean why would people hate on Ari these days, she's beautiful, amazing, kind, lovely, and she sings so so beautiful like a mermaid singing!

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I mean look at her beautiful face!!
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Image by Arianator Forever

I've been an Arianator since one of her songs came out "The Way", I love mostly well ALL her songs cuz like i said she's my everything and these are my MOST favorite songs of Ariana

1 - One Last Time
2 - Dangerous Woman
3 - They Don't Know
4 - Let Me Love You
5 - Everyday
6 - Tattooed Heart
7 - Bad Decisions
8 - Esta Noche
9 - Moonlight
10 - Touch It
11 - Best Mistake
12 - Greedy
13 - Break Your Heart Right Back
14 - Beauty And The Beast
15 - Be Alright
16 - Why Try
17 - Pete davidson
18 - Breathin
19 - God is Woman
20 - The light is coming
21 - Bed

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Ight guys i hope you like my article about how i feel about Ariana and my favorite songs of her Oh and i hope you feel the same way i feel about her not like those haters(;