♣︎ Late March he came back. Greatly surprised, I saw him getting out of a black Kia with the rest of our friends. Walking feebly towards him we got close enough to hug and talk. Turnes out he was also surprised to see me, and he seemed specially happy.

We all sat down at a large wooden table, ordered a beer each and kept talking. I don't know how but we ended up sitting together, which was exactly what I wanted. He prowled closer and closer... when we were close enough he put his arm around my waist, which he did so smoothly.

⇢ It felt so right being next to him; I felt calm, secure, happy, steady, loved and appreciated for just being me. I felt like no trouble could ever come between us because we got along like water down a stream: not forcing the current - just easing though the moment.

Next thing I knew we were kissing behind a large brick wall. The tips of my fingers were brushing through his burned coffee colored hair as he kissed my neck and down my collarbone; his lips dancing with mine in perfect harmony gave me goosebumps. Those few minutes I will remember for many moons to come.

☯︎ Even though I am clueless of when I will see him again. Even though I´m clueless if something will happen between us when we see each other again. Even though I am clueless of his feeling towards me, I am thankful we met, because as Saturday Rev said, "such people happen along only once in a blue moon"☽

✈︎ Now I must wait until he comes back and see what happens next...

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Q: Have you ever felt this way towards someone? If so, write your story ♡